Don’t do drugs, go to Church, read the Bible, stay off of the internet porn, listen to your parents, don’t try to get rich, just go to community college and try to become a Doctor or just find a trade you enjoy. Try to help old people. Don’t listen to that stupid music or play those games too much, I thought I was doing something good but now I don’t know if it was. I was just wrong about everything probably. I’m very sorry for being so stupid. I went mad and did not understand what I was doing. I had good intentions but I see now that even the basic premise was flawed. Nothing is anyone’s fault but mine. I believed in myself and technology where I should have had faith in the Lord. Please do not repeat my mistakes, I made many of them. I am a sinner, please have mercy on me, Lord. I am nothing but a stupid fool. I believe everyone is good!

Jesus is the LORD! Hallelujah!